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May 26, 2022 | By julioromero | Filed in: cycling.

Cycling is one of the most popular and practiced sports these months. Whether at home or on the road, pedaling is an activity that people thoroughly enjoy. Climbing a mountain pass is the best way to get your adrenaline flowing.

Hello, welcome to another week of the evolutionary cycle. You know, the little one where we used practice, science and real-world experience to talk about training, nutrition, psychology and, in short, everything related to high-performance cycling.
In today’s episode we continue our introduction to strength training, and while in the previous chapter we looked at what power meters are, how they work and what power is, this time we’ll move on to the more practical aspects, such as setting up a power meter.

Once we figure that out and most importantly, what the difference is between heart rate training and strength training, what I’m going to depend on when I go to do a series that’s interval, and so on, also depending on how we move in time, we’ll start to define some key metrics.
The interesting thing is that it doesn’t provide the power data that we can find in any platform like Garmin, which is blocking and so on. Before this episode, remember that if you really deepen your knowledge of everything that has to do with training in cycling, shadow training evolutionary cycling dot com times is to follow the link in the episode note and you know they are a video course Where. They will have a class on a specific topic that is about three hours long. It seems to be divided into different lessons.
In addition, you will get full support for any questions or doubts about the course content. Currently we already have three courses, one on the chitin order and how it works, one on the use of effort perception in training, and one on the basics of training, athletic improvement, where we learn about principles like training adaptation, static load, periodization, polarized training, metabolic path and what its improvement depends on, and so on. In addition, this month we will be publishing a course on designing interval training.
How to do it. Intervals, how to plan, what to look for to evaluate those rhythms, and so on. The truth is, the comments from people who have already tried it are very good. In fact, they should be. If I was going to put a grip or a fotillo in this big and nothing, I would just say you try it, and if at any point there are those that are not for you, that you are not happy with or satisfied with the content without problems.

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