Facts you didn’t know about paragliding

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Paragliding is not only a fun activity that gives you the opportunity to see the planet from a different perspective, but also has numerous positive effects on your mental and physical health, which you can enjoy while top paragliding in Tenerife.
The main difference between the two sports is the construction and the type of wing. Hang gliding is a hard triangular plane to plan from high places.
Parachuting is a technique in which the person jumps from a high altitude in an airplane and uses a parachute to cushion the landing. And paramotoring is an aircraft that consists of a tiny propeller engine and a paraglider.
The best part is that at Tenerife Top paragliding we have each of these adventures ready for you! No matter which one you choose, give us a call and we will provide you with the best experience.
2 It is not as unsafe as you are led to believe.
Many adventurers, before they try it, believe that paragliding is only for suicidal maniacs. In truth, it is one of the safest air sports. It is connected to the wing with at least 30 lines – didn’t you know that only one of them can carry the entire weight of the equipment?
In Germany, where the sport is much better known than in America, about 3 out of 33,000 pilots die per year, i.e. 1 out of 11,000 pilots.
On the other hand, statistics show that flying is much, much safer than training professions such as motorcycling or horseback riding.

3 Paragliding was born from a creative initiative
Paragliding was invented by mountain climbers who wanted to save their way home by parachuting down the side of a mountain – an incredible initiative!
This happened more than 50 years ago in the Alps, Europe. Over the years and thanks to technical development, mankind realized that parachutes are useful not only for descent, but also for flying. Today, the paraglider is the lightest aircraft that exists and the only one that fits in a backpack.
You can take off and experience the sky in the purest way, which makes it so exciting and versatile.
Fly with only the updraft, with the unique sound of the paraglider’s thin strings cutting through the wind, and feel an updraft send you soaring meter after meter above the ground. It is something incredible that you can not describe.

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